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The Bryant Foundation is a public nonprofit organization helping to fund music and general education, biblical training, and disclipleship around the world. Our ongoing work began in 2016 with the Bryant School System in Liberia, Africa. The school system currently serves about 800 children in 7 schools under the leadership of founder and administrator, G. Edwin Bryant Sr.

The educational needs of the K-8 schools are many, ranging from school supplies and textbooks, to computers, lab equipment for science, and supplies for home economics and cosmetology. The primary needs of the music education program are keyboards, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drum sets, and hand drums. Other sound equipment needed includes mixing consoles, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and video cameras. In partnership with the Bryant Foundation, the children of the Bryant School System performed the first children’s public gospel choir concert in the history of Liberia in February of 2017.

There are also many orphans who need scholarships for tuition of $18 per year. It is our mission to supply the needs of these beautiful, tender children, and those who teach and care for them, to give them the best chance to have educated, productive lives, being able to express themselves with music and in worship of our great God.

We are currently going through the process of becoming certified as a 501(c)3 public nonprofit so that donations can be tax deductible. We currently are seeking a one-time gift of $3,000 to enable us to work through this process with the help of the Foundation Group in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our Mission – To help the children of the world through funding both music and general education, biblical training, occupational training, and discipleship.

Our Vision – That every child is educated and cared for with love.

Until tax deductible donations are approved, please contribute here: